William F. Koch, Ph. D., M. D.

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William F. KochThe sole purpose of this site is to accurately present Dr. Koch’s theories to the scientific community in order to improve the well being of mankind.

This site chronicles over fifty years of Dr. Koch’s scientific research as he investigated and eventually isolated the most fundamental factor common to all disease. Dr. Koch’s epoch making discovery of this Least Common Denominator led to the ‘birth of a new science.’

Through extensive documentation Dr. Koch outlined the chemical processes by which disease may be reversed. Dr. Koch’s research focused on the means to restore the body’s oxidation mechanism back to its original vitality, thereby re-equipping the body with its innate ability to restore and maintain health, not only in cancers but also in a host of its ‘allied diseases.’

This research led to Dr. Koch’s development of several synthetic antitoxins: Glyoxylide, Malonide and PBQ. These catalysts became the stimulant necessary to achieve the oxidative separation of the ‘host cell/pathogen integration,’ when the pathogen was a virus, a carcinogen, a bacterial toxin or an incompletely burned tissue metabolite. Dr. Koch successfully defined the position of the activated amine group, the free radical, the double bond and the Carbonyl group in pathogenesis and in its correction.

Of historic significance is the knowledge that as early as 1919, Dr. Koch’s discoveries were taking him in a direction diametrically opposed to the position held by Organized Medicine, which at that time was investing heavily in the development of radium and surgery as the most promising treatments for cancer.

After failing in its attempt to gain sole control over his research, Organized Medicine launched a fifty-year, unlimited assault aimed at discrediting Dr. Koch’s reputation, medical practice and research, along with those of any physician who dared to validate his Theories or use his Reagents. Organized Medicine developed an extensive propaganda campaign, disseminated false information on Reagent chemistry and publicly dismissed the Koch Theories, which emphasized the relationship between environmental toxins, dietary deficiencies and a depleted oxidation mechanism, as primary initiators of the disease process.

Because Dr. Koch endured such extensive persecution in regard to his science, he determined that the medical/pharmacological industry would forever remain unwilling to independently monitor, document or validate any of his ongoing laboratory research or medical case histories; therefore since his death, December 9, 1967, there have been no authentic Koch Reagents reproduced. It was because of the scurrilous intentions held by the medical/pharmacological industry that Dr. Koch intentionally withheld specific knowledge required in the production of viable Koch Reagents. (Therefore, any claims to the contrary should be viewed as suspect.)