• Publications 1912-1939

  • On the Occurrence of Methyl Guanidine in the Urine of Parathyroidectomized Animals, 1912

    Chemical Consequences of the Removal of the Parathyroid Glands, 1913

    Toxic Bases in the Urine of Parathyroidectomized Dogs, 1913

    The Physiology of the Parathyroid Glands, 1916

    Tetany and the Parathyroid Glands, 1918

    A New and Successful Diagnosis and Treatment of Cancer, 1920

    CANCER Its Function and Cure, The Evolution of the Immunity Process, 1925

    The Prevention of CANCER, 1926

    Cancer Supplementary Points, 1926

    The Koch Cancer Treatment and its Investigation , 1927

    Blood Chemistry in Malignancy

    The Function of Cancer

    Journal of the American College or Proctology

    Pathogenesis and Immunity as Conveyed

    Natural Immunity via Aerobic Glycolysis, 1938

  • Publications 1940-1949

  • Publications 1950-1967


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