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  • The Cure of Coronary Thrombosis, Dr. D. H. Arnott, M.D., 1941

    Important Facts about the Koch Treatment, 1941

    Scientists Seek Leprosy Cure, 1944

    Remarks on Glyoxylide Therapy, by Dr. Schirmer, M.D., 1945

    A Least Common Denominator in Antibiotics, by Dr. A. L. Wahl, M.D, 1945

    Farmers Victorious, by Dr. Wm. J. Hale Ph.D., 1949

     The Birth of a Science, by Drs. Wahl, Rehwinkel and Reilly, 1949

     Cattle Experiments in the U.S. and Canada; A Series of Articles

    The Prosecution of Dr. Wm. F. Koch, by Dr. D. H. Arnott, M.D., 1950

    The New Science In the Treatment of Disease; Symposium, 1950

    Journal of American Association of Physicians - 8 Reports, 1951

    Nature of Action of Koch Antitoxin

    The Incredible Federal Trade Commission, by Dr. D. H. Arnott, M.D., 1952

     The Koch Catalytic Agents, by Dr. Julian F. Baldor, M.D., 1952

    Quote from Dow Chemical

    Publisher's Forward

    Chapter 1: The Catalytic Agents in Tuberculosis Infection and Virus Tuberculosis

    Chapter 2: The Use of Anticoagulant Therapy and Catalytic Agents in Vascular Thrombosis

    Chapter 3: The Catalytic Agent as an Antidote to Surgery in Thyroid Toxicosis

    Chapter 4: The Catalytic Agent in Cases of Acute and Chronic Leukemia

    Chapter 5: The Catalytic Agent in Allergy, Rheumatism and Heart Pathology

    Addendum: 'Dr. Baldor and His Hospital', a letter from Ms. R. K. Haley


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